We search for the heirs of decedents who are not known for their whereabouts, the heirs of those who had left their fortunes on the territory of the current Poland.

We also deal with the recovery of lost properties after 1945. We set to recover the legal status of property belonging to German, Jewish and other nations citizens by date and current legal status of the lost property.

We are setting rights to the properties, which are known even only by name of the owner or town.

Recovery of lost property.

We are looking for real estate, we examine their current legal status and the whole history of the abandoned property and also lost registers, which appear in German, Russian and Austro-Hungarian documentation, since 1934 also the Polish ones.

We complete actual documentation regarding the property.

We assist in regulating the legal status of the property and in obtaining relevant documents and all the necessary permits, cooperating with architects, surveyors, notaries and lawyers.

We carry out the procedures for setting up the land registry for property owners.

All these activities are based on the valid Polish law.

Remuneration for our work and assistance is determined individually depending on your orders.